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  About us

   Cinco Océanos is a company dedicated to deliver boats with a wide professional experience, which offers their services in any place of the world. Our work team is composed by: Félix Castro, Francisco Javier R. Torres, Daniel Rodríguez.
   The passion for the sea, the nautical and the world of sailing is the common denominator of this homogeneous group; this passion takes us to enjoy with our work and offer a professional and appropriate service you need: delivering sailing and motor boats, inspection of boats, and so on.
   Desde From the nautical point of view, we understand that carrying out a good service it is ideal the combination of a wide experience in this field, as well as a wide theoretical and a high degree academic formation (Yatchmaster Ocean, Captain class "C", Master of Coastal traffic, Yacht Master...); this combination gives a service of quick transport as a quality result to our clients, technical advice, buys, process of legislation, and so on.

  J. Félix Castro

  J. Félix Castro

Ocean Skipper

Since 1984 delivering boats professionally, with six Atlantic crossings and a numerous by the Mediterranean and Gulf of Viscay, more than 150.000 miles of experience in all oceans and with all type of boats.
  Francisco Javier R. Torres
  F. Javier R. Torres
Graduate in the University of the Merchant Navy of Gijón (Asturias) Oviedo University, Nautical Section.

Captain class "C" (Skipper unlimited) and Yatchmaster Ocean.

Thousands miles in the stern, Atlantic, Mediterranean and Gulf of Viscay crossings, make him an experienced technician.
  Daniel Rodríguez
  Daniel Rodríguez
Graduate in the University of the Merchant Navy of Gijón (Asturias) Oviedo University, Nautical Section.

Yatchmaster Ocean.

Sea lover and experimented seaman, also has experience in the environment of the Management. and maritime legislation.

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